Types of tourism

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Here you can learn about different types of tourism
  • Going through this topic shows how to describe the DIFFERENT TYPES OF TOURISM
  • You can improve your vocabulary connected with this topic.
  • At the end of this topic you have a chance to create your own EXPERIMENTAL TRIP.
  • Before doing that you have to find out what an experimental tourism is.
  • You can improve your vocabulary with QUIZLET exercises

Tourism is basically travelling to another destination for the purposes of recreation, leisure, or business.

A person who travels to a destination and stays outside of where they usually live for more than 24 hours but less than one year is recognized as a tourist by the World Tourism Organization.

The type of tourism depends on the reason for travel. Travel can be to destinations that are domestic or international.

Domestic tourism involves residents travelling only within their country.

Inbound and Outbound tourism both describe types of international tourism.

Inbound tourism involves non-residents travelling within a country.

Outbound tourism, involves residents travelling within another country.

There are also many other types of tourism that fall under a “niche” or specialty travel category. This category of travel has evolved in recent years, and describes the various reasons why people travel for recreation, business or leisure.

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How many different types of tourism can you name?

Make a list and then press the button to find out more. You can check the new vocabulary from the DICTIONARY which you will find from the menu on your left.

Try to guess before looking :)

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Now you know that there are great possibilities in the tourism industry, but that's not all.

  • Do you know what is Alphatourism?
  • How is a tourist called who visits tourist attractions only between dusk and dawn?
  • What type of travelling can you choose if you want to travel and play hide-and-seek with your partner at the same time?

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When you have done it try to think out one other way that could be called an experimental tourism. Make a PowerPoint presentation to your next class and prepare to present it to the others.


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