Mission of the Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre:

providing vocational education to persons who will embrace the concept of life-long learning and succeed in the labour market as well as in life.

Our slogan:

Best Training, Best Jobs!

Vision 2020:

Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre is:

  • a unique and innovative vocational education institution that has a good reputation, always strives for best quality and whose selection of specialities responds to the labour market needs;
  • known and acknolwedged by Estonian enterprises as a school whose graduates are of reliable quality;
  • an internationally renowned school whose experiences are being shared with other European vocational schools.

Haapsalu Vocational Education and Training Centre is characterised by:

  • adabtability in time and space, flexibility and openness to new ideas and changes in the labour market;
  • innovativeness in the study process and organisation planning; willingness to take risks in testing new solutions;
  • professionality reflecting in the quality of teaching and participation in the professional development activities;
  • consideration of the expectations of interested parties and cooperation with social partners, other educational institutions and the local community;
  • recognition though actions and accomplishments, and reliability.

Our core values:

  • Caring– we care about our students and each other. Noticing, supporting and encouraging others comes naturally to us.
  • Cooperation– working together leads to success and joy of doing things together. Through cooperation we can overcome any obstacle.
  • Professionality– we excel in everything we do. We offer the best education because our teachers know how to, are able to and want to pass on their knowledge. We care about our school’s well-being.
  • Student-centered approach– the center of our focus is on students – their knowledge, abilities and problems. We take the approach that a school exists for the student.
  • Development– looking to and planning the future keeps us energetic, striving for improvement is our moto.
  • Openness– we share our ideas, plans and results with our employees. We are open to new ideas and different opinions.
  • Joy– we study with joy, we teach with joy, we feel joy being together and spending our days in the school.


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