The predecessor of Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre was the Uuemõisa Construction School, which began operating in 1987 in the premises of the Uuemõisa manour. In 1990, the school was moved to new premises in Taebla and continued as Taebla Vocational Secondary School.  Taebla was one of the first vocational schools in Estonia to teach students with special needs.

After Estonia regained independence, the economy and labour market underwent big changes. These changes affected the vocational school as well – it could no longer keep up with the changing needs of the labour market. The number of student fell, specialities and study environment became updated and the school was to be closed. However, the local community stepped up and began to search for possibilities to preserve vocational education in Lääne County. A solution was indeed found and in 2005, the school continued to operate in Uuemõisa (near Haapsalu) under the new name Haapsalu Vocational Education Centre (HKHK).

Starting from 2009, we also cooperate with Astangu Vocational Rehabilitation Centre.

  • 1987-1994 Raimo Väli
  • 1994-2002 Lea Seeman
  • 2002-2005 Leelo Alasi
  • 2005-2006 Veikko Kõrv
  • 2006 Mall Lepmets
  • 2006-2010 Triin Laasi
  • 2010 Ingrid Danilov


Kutsekool nr. 34 - ehituskool Uuemõisas. 1987.
Vocational School N0. 34 – Uuemõisa Construction School 1987
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